Benefits of Having Your Chevy Repaired by a Certified Dealer

As a Chevy owner, you want to make sure that your vehicle is always running at optimal performance. One way to ensure this is by having your Chevy repaired by a certified dealer. Now, let’s dive into the benefits of having your Chevy repaired by a certified dealer. Then, count on Herrin-Gear Chevrolet to help you maintain your Chevy!

Expertise, Licensing, and Insurance

Certified dealers have undergone rigorous training and possess specialized knowledge in repairing Chevys. Their expert technicians have access to the latest equipment and tools, allowing them to diagnose and repair any issues your vehicle may have. This means that you can trust that your vehicle is in good hands and that any repairs made are done correctly.

At Herrin-Gear Chevrolet, all of our technicians are properly licensed and insured, providing you with the protection you need and deserve.

Genuine Parts

Certified dealers only use genuine Chevy parts when repairing vehicles. These parts are made specifically for Chevys and are held to strict quality standards. Using genuine parts ensures that your vehicle stays true to its original specifications and performs at its best.

Using aftermarket parts or accessories during repairs may cause damage to the vehicle’s systems or even compromise their safety features, which puts drivers at risk of accidents or other mechanical breakdowns caused by transmission issues or other mishaps. Make sure the right parts are used for your car.

Warranty Protection

If your vehicle is still under warranty when being serviced at a certified dealership, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that it won’t be voided due to improper repairs – but only if those repairs were attended to properly at the same specific dealership where the car was bought from originally.

Some warranties explicitly state which types of services must be performed through an authorized service center for quality reasons, so double-check before making any appointments with third party mechanics who may not offer similar assurances.

Furthermore, some warranties also provide roadside assistance like towing or rental reimbursement that are complementary extras assuring owners’ convenience and reliability after any break-down on the roadways. Keep your warranty intact by getting your vehicle serviced with a certified dealership.

Time-Saving Convenience

Another benefit of using certified dealerships for maintenance or collision work is greater flexibility in scheduling appointments and prompt repair services.

So, once your Chevy gets into an accident, you can quickly find the nearest support center that can perform full diagnostics and have it fixed immediately. Some dealerships also offer online appointment scheduling, early bird drop-offs or two-way shuttle vehicles to accommodate their customers’ timetables or delivery speed preferences.

Resale Value

Certified repairs come with documentation and warranties which can reflect on the vehicle’s resale value. People looking to buy used cars may be skeptical of a vehicle that has been repaired poorly in the past, but certified Chevys are less likely to have issues going forward, given that there is now a guarantee from the dealership for any previous work completed.

Potential buyers typically pay more for cars with manufacturer-specific warranties or those serviced at certified dealerships versus similar models found elsewhere due to resale value expectations.

Extended Hours and Offered Convenient Amenities

One more benefit of having your Chevy repaired by a certified dealership like Herrin-Gear Chevrolet is extended hours and certain convenient amenities that aren’t typically offered elsewhere.

Our dealership prides itself on extended work hours, which includes appointment scheduling options even on weekends, to better suit our customers’ schedules and preferences.

Moreover, we understand that life goes on despite the car downtime, so we offer a convenient location where you can relax and wait! Whether you have work, school, or errands to run, our amenities can keep you on track while we service your vehicle.

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Having your Chevy repaired by a certified dealer brings numerous benefits including expertise, genuine parts, warranty protection and improved resale value. At Herrin-Gear Chevrolet, our team is ready to provide you with top-tier service when it is needed most.

Don’t leave your Chevy at risk – if you need dependable car maintenance services done right by accomplished professionals call us today!