Benefits of Buying Used

Are you in the market for a new car? If so, you should think about going with a used car instead. It is important for you to view your vehicle as an investment, and purchasing a used car, particularly one that is certified pre-owned, can be the right decision. At Herrin-Gear Chevrolet, it is our goal to help you get the most bang for your buck, and it would be our pleasure to help you find a strong used car to meet your needs. Take a look at some of the top benefits of purchasing a used car below, and give us a call today to test drive one of our vehicles.

1. You Can Save Money

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of purchasing a used car is that you can save a significant amount of money. Even though buying a car is expensive, it doesn’t have to be as expensive as everyone makes it out to be. If you are willing to purchase a used car instead, you may be able to save thousands of dollars. This could even make it easier for you to afford a luxury vehicle if that is what you are looking for.

2. You Can Avoid a Major Depreciation Hit

The bulk of the depreciation of a vehicle takes place when it leaves the lot for the first time. If you want to avoid taking this depreciation hit, you can purchase a used car. Even if you purchase a car that is only one year old, you can avoid losing a significant amount of money within the first few miles of your car’s driving history. This could be a more financially responsible decision for you and your family.

3. You Have More Choices 

Do you want to have access to more choices? If so, you should go with a used car. The reality is that if you decide to buy a new car, you are locked into whatever the new model has available. If you are looking for different features, you need to expand your horizons to include used cars. Even if a car is a year or two old, it may have the exact type of features you are looking for. If you are interested in customizing your vehicle, work with our team. We can help you find the right car for your needs.

4. You Have Lower Car Insurance Premiums

If you purchase a used car, you will also have much lower insurance premiums. Your car insurance policy has to protect the value of the car. If you purchase a used car, you probably will not pay as much money for it. Therefore, it will not cost you as much money to insure the vehicle. If you are looking for a way to save money when you get behind the wheel of your car, you need to think about your car insurance as well. You can reduce your car insurance premiums by buying a used car.

5. You Can Still Get it Inspected

One of the major concerns that people have when they purchase a used car is that it may have a long repair history. Keep in mind that you can still get the car inspected before you buy it. That way, you understand exactly what you are getting. At Herrin-Gear Chevrolet, we can also work with you to pull the vehicle history report. That way, you can see what type of driving record the car has. Furthermore, if you want to make sure you get a solid vehicle, you might be interested in a certified pre-owned vehicle. This means that the vehicle still needs the specifications set by the manufacturer. We can work with you to help you find the right car.

Visit Herrin-Gear Chevrolet To Test Drive a Used Car Today

In the end, these are just a few of the biggest benefits of purchasing a used car. If you are in the market for a used car, you need to count on a team that can help you find the right one to meet your needs. At Herrin-Gear Chevrolet, we are proud of the wide selection that we have available, and we can work with you to help you find the right car for you and your family. Swing by our dealership today to test drive a vehicle!